Dine at an Authentic Ecuadorian Restaurant in Utica, NY

We prepare dishes from every corner of the country

When it comes to dine-in Ecuadorian food, Tierra Tropicales is the only restaurant in Utica, NY that prepares it from authentic recipes. We offer a variety of options to fully represent the diverse cuisine that our community loves.

Visit our authentic Ecuadorian restaurant today to enjoy the flavors of the...

  • Costa - beef and seafood dishes are popular in the coastal region.
  • Sierra - in the mountains, meat is often served with rice, maize or potatoes.
  • Oriente - yuca and tropical fruits are often used in dishes from the rainforest region.

You'll find that everything on our menu is delicious. If you need help deciding what to order, ask your server for recommendations.

There's something for everyone

Whether you want to dine on the Ecuadorian food you grew up with or want to try something new, you'll be pleased with the options at Tierra Tropicales. By preparing dishes from all three regions of the country, we've made our authentic Ecuadorian restaurant a popular place to dine in Utica, NY.

Stop by today to experience the best of Ecuadorian cuisine.